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Four mines leak 300 million gallons of tainted water a year
Posted on August 20 2015, 1:16pm by Mark Esper in Local News
Compared to Aug. 5 spill of 3 million gallons from the Gold King


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EPA's temporary treatment facility in avalanche zone
Posted on August 20 2015, 1:13pm by Mark Esper in Local News
It's also in a creek bed but EPA officials say they plan to dismantle it soon.
Western Movie Festival set for Labor Day Weekend
Posted on August 20 2015, 1:09pm by Mark Esper in Local News
'A Ticket to Tomahawk" and 'Denver and Rio Grande" to be featured
Disaster at the Gold King
Posted on August 13 2015, 1:48pm by Mark Esper in Local News
Blowout sends toxic plume down Animas; river water quality now back to normal; Silverton municipal water not affected
Destination: Silverton
Posted on May 12 2012, 10:05am by Mark Esper in Travel
Our summer travel magazine! Distributed free regionally, or order a copy for just 5 bucks!
Relive the history of the Wild West each week
Posted on May 12 2012, 9:55am by Mark Esper in Business
The Silverton Standard devotes at least one full page to the history of this Wild West mining region each week!
John Wright chronicles South Pole quest
Posted on March 01 2012, 11:39am by Mark Esper in Travel
His book, "Blazing Ice" tells of building a road to the South Pole.
VIDEO: The Silverton Standard rides again!
Posted on May 12 2012, 1:43pm by Mark Esper in History
Here are a few videos about the Silverton Standard newspaper and its struggle to survive, including a report from the NBC "Today Show."
Silverton Gunfighters Association
Posted on May 12 2012, 1:32pm by Mark Esper in History
They're gunning for a good cause. Their performances are free but donations go to local nonprofits and scholarships.
The Great Flood of 1911
Posted on October 20 2011, 12:20am by Mark Esper in History
The Silverton Standard & the Miner's Caboose page each week explores some fascinating events in the history of the San Juans.
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